New York State politicians receiving illegal funding

The New York Post found that Governor Andrew Cuomo and other candidates in the running for state office have accepted thousands of illegal campaign donations from corporations.

By New York election law corporations can not give more than $5,000 a year to state candidates and committees. However, the law has been repeatedly broken with no repercussions for this violation.

Gov. Cuomo has retained at nearly $30,000 in illegal corporate funds.

Letitia James, Public Advocate, accepted at least $5,000 in illegal corporate donations to her state attorney general campaign.

Dutchess County executive, Marc Molinaro who is running for governor as a Republican, also accepted thousands of dollars from three corporate donors listed at the same address. These are all violations of the New York campaign law.

The candidates claim they will closely review their ledgers and return any unethical funds back to the donors.



  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    Yeah everybody wants to do the right thing when they get caught. They need to start frog walking them and things will change. I’m sick of all of them, most go in poor and come out rich. Don’t do nothing for the people they are in it for themselves. This whole government needs to be redone but they can’t police themselves not going to happen!!!

  2. MR LMP 4 months ago

    People need more than $5,000 ! No restriction should be placed on giving !

    • SDM 3 months ago

      You have to draw the line between a contribution and buying influence.

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