Next up on #METOO list: Jamie Foxx “slapped a woman in the face with his penis”

Screenshot: The Independent Jamie Foxx was accused of slapping a woman in the face with his penis.

Jamie Foxx is the latest Hollywood celerity to be accused of some form of sexual misconduct. He is accused of “slapping a woman on the face with his penis.”

Jamie Foxx claims this is an “absurd lie”

According to the accuser, this incident happened in 2002 at an Oscar’s after party. In a statement the woman claims Foxx asked her to perform oral sex. When she refused, he slapped her with his penis.

In an environment where almost every day a new accusation surfaces for men in the entertainment industries, many people feel the integrity of these narratives is becoming more and more questionable.

Women are publicly making allegations decades after said incidents and convicting men in the court of public opinion. In many instances this becomes costly to celebrities as they lose jobs and endorsements due to hearsay without due process in the court of law.

The statute of limitations for this incident expired three years after it happened (if it happened). However, an investigation is in full effect.

Foxx claims he plans to bring legal action against this accuser.


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