OOPS Podcast! ‘Internet Bozos and Screenshot Culture’

In the age of social media the lie has become much more politically correct than one’s truths…

Diane contemplates: Is it humanly possible to build meaningful relationships and friendships with people in the age where social media stalking and screen shooting is so prominent?

Are most social media spectators judgemental, self-righteous people with illusions of grandeur?

Why are people more interested in WHAT others are doing than to know HOW they’re doing?

Are most people who know us in real life only spectating on the sidelines out of jealousy and competition?

Someone explain the mindset of a person who would rather talk ABOUT you than talk TO the person.

Why are the character traits and personas of people on the internet HIGHLY inconsistent with who they are in real life?

What should I think about the character of people who screenshot  messages but don’t reply to them? Creepy or no?

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