Wheeler Neff was sentenced to 8 years in prison for contributing to a predatory lending scam

Wheeler Neff, the Lawyer who represented the fraudulent Payday Lender Charles Hallinan, was sentenced to 8 years in Prison Friday when he was convicted of conspiracy and fraud charges.

Records show, race car driver Scott Tucker, who went mainstream with his plea of innocence on the Netflix docs-series “Dirty Money” in late 2017, was ran a similar fraud. He was also accused of racketeering an fraud whist using Native American tribes and a bank as fronts for his scandalous predatory lending service. Many of his victims would have their lives ruined by taking out just one payday loan. In the fine print of the terms and conditions of these loans borrowers were consenting to owing up to 700 percent in interest. His lawyer, Timothy Muir, was also indicted for contributing to this scam by writing such malicious contracts.

Everything came full circle on Friday as Charles Hallinan, the main owner of several payday loan services was convicted of racketeering conspiracy.  As a leader of the nation’s most illegal and predatory payday lending service he raked in $491 million in less than a decade. His lawyer, Wheeler Neff is also in the hot seat. He has been indicted an will receive 8 years in federal prison for creating the contracts by which people’s lives were essentially ruined.



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