Poll: are you excited for the new 17 minute long XXXTentación album Next Friday?

Are you excited for the new XXXTentacion album next Friday?

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The late music artist, XXXTentación is gracing his fans with a new album set to drop on Friday December 7, 2018.

The “Sad” singer, whose real name is Jaseh Onfroy, will release his third studio album called “Skins.”

Don’t get your hopes up. There’s only so much a guy can do from the grave. “Skins” will only be 10 songs longs over a span of 17 minutes.

When a @RapAccess Twitter Hip Hop news account posted the information, fans  expressed mixed feelings about this news. While some are anticipating the music other X fans feel like this is nothing more than a tease. One user referred to the upcoming album as “ringtones.”




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