Ricky Gervais gets dragged into the Kevin Hart #Oscars debauchery

Ricky Gervais gets dragged into Kevin Hart debacle

News broke Thursday that Kevin Hart bowed out of hosting the Oscars in 2019 due to controversy surrounding “homophobic comments” made back in 2010. 

After the LGBTQ community called Hart out about his statements, he shied away from the gig.

The comedy mogul made a statement saying, “He was sorry” and he didn’t want to pose a distraction from the purpose of the Oscars. 

Comedian Ricky Gervais chimed in on the situation, saying the only time he gets offended is when a comedian apologizes. 

Angry Kevin Hart fans are taking their anger out on Gervais. A disgruntled Kevin Hart tweeted, “I swear I’m going to flip if they replace him with another white man like @rickeygervais.” 

While the tweet was borderline, Gervais took it like a champ with some self deprecating humor. He insinuated there was a better chance Bill Cosby would be chosen than himself. 

There is much disappointment surrounding Kevin Hart’s surrender after he initially refused to apologized for the jokes. 

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  1. steven 5 days ago

    I can’t imagine who they could find to host the show that wouldn’t upset somebody. Especially now in the politically correct world where a T. V. host is vetted like a Supreme court nominee. But who cares? The only people who want to watch that show can’t, because it’s a live show and they’re sitting in the audience.

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