Riding Dirty:Rapper Ice-T arrested in New York

Rapper/actor Ice-T was arrested Wednesday morning by Port Authority police for evading a toll.

The 60-year old was pulled over around 7 am near the George Washington Bridge in New York City after he kept driving without paying. The police charged the Law & Order SVU actor with theft of services. He also had no plates or registration on his car. He was issued two citations.

Ice-T was eventually released upon agreeing to show up to his court dates.

The TV-cop took to twitter after the incident.

  1. steven 3 weeks ago

    I guess playing a cop on TV doesn’t count when it comes to the hook-ups where they let each other off.

  2. Anthony Sublett 3 weeks ago

    Ain’t he a cop, he ain’t got to pay no tolls!!!!😂😂😂

  3. Rob Rob 2 weeks ago


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