Rosanne blames Ambien for her racist tweet

Screenshot: Roseanne Barr claims Ambien is the reason why she made racist comments on twitter.

TV star, Rosanne Barr took to twitter Tuesday to compare former President Barack Obama’s advisor Valerie Jarret to an ape. This has resulted in her ABC show “Rosanne” being canceled.

Since yesterday’s incident Rosanne took to twitter to claim that her commentary was a result of her use of Ambien, a prescription sleeping medication. The series of tweets has since been deleted.

Representatives from Ambien have come forward to reject Rosanne’s claims, stating that “racism is not a known side effect of Ambien.”

Far right conservatives have taken to twitter to defend Rosanne. However the reality of the situation is there is no excuse for this behavior and it is completely socially unacceptable, hence her show being canceled.

  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    But like she said she thought Jarret was white😂😂😂

  2. Steven 3 months ago

    I thought Jarret was Dr. Ruth.

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