Social Media is a F*ckin liability… not an asset (Talking Jussie Smollet, Cardi B, & Michael Jackson)

  1. steven 8 months ago

    The cases you brought up about Barbeque Becky and Permit Patty were not false police reports. It might be a bullshit reason to call 911 because a girl is selling lemonade without a permit or a man is grilling bbq on the lawn in the park. But when the police showed up there was a girl selling lemonade and there was a man cooking barbeque. It wasn’t false it was just nitpicky and bitchy to enforce a permit on an 8 year old who puts a table out for two hours. But the Jussie Smollett case is a false police report because he reported something that didn’t happen. Plus he was arrested, charged and INDICTED on 16 felony counts by the Grand Jury.

  2. maf156 6 months ago

    You’re absolutely right in the spectrum of criminal justice, filing a false report is on the low end in terms of seriousness.
    Another great show. There is a radio or TV show in your future.

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