Something in the hair dye: Rainbow rapper 2.0 misses out on Finland show, banned from Denmark because he wanted to punk the cops in Denmark

Lil Pump, aka Rainbow Rapper 2.0 was arrested in Denmark Wednesday after he tried to punk the police.

Authorities say the “I Love It” rapper was carrying something illegal when he was detained. When he Instagrammed himself flipping the police off while repping Florida, that’s when they decided to keep him in custody longer.

As a result, Lil Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, wouldn’t be able to perform at his scheduled show in Finland. This left some fans disappointed.

At the age of 18, Lil Pump has had a his fair share of run-ins with the law. Much like his face-tatted, rainbow-rap nemesis, Tekashi6ix9ine, Pump just cant seem to stay out of trouble. There’s gotta be something in that hair dye making these rainbow-rappers act out.

After his release, Lil Pump seemed unfazed by being banned from Denmark. His exact words were, “I dont give a f*ck” as he boarded a private jet. Yes, he rides private jets, because “F*ck commercial,” he said.

To see the debauchery for yourself watch the video below!


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