South African man accidentally killed son

A South African man claims he accidentally killed his son when he thought he was being hijacked.

(South Africa): Sibusiso Emanuel Tshabalala accidentally mistook his son, Luyanda Themba Tshabalala,  for a hijacker on Tuesday night. As an instant reflex, he pulled out his firearm and started shooting only to find out he shot his own son to death. He is now facing a murder charge.

Tshabalala appeared before a judge in the Lenasia Magistrate’s court Friday for a bail hearing.  Reporters say, the distraught father, his brother, and his wife had outbursts of grief.


The grieving father gave his testimony:

“I was arrested on June 6 after I handed myself over to the police. On the day in question I took my son, the deceased, to school at around 16:00 for his extra lessons. After dropping him off at school I left to my house and came back shortly before 19:00. As I was tired, my licensed firearm was on my waist… when I heard the noise, I thought I was being hijacked, I drew the firearm and I realised it was my son when he said, ‘Daddy, it’s me.'”

Based on affidavits and testimony, Mr. Tshabalala was waiting for his son to get out of evening classes, fell asleep in the car, missed three phone calls from Luyanda, and woke up to someone shaking the door handle trying to get into the car. He immediately reached for his gun and things took a tragic turn.


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