Supreme Court judge, Anthony Kennedy, retires. Liberals Panic

Anthony Kennedy, American Supreme Court Justice, announced his retirement Wednesday. The 81 year old will officially be relieved of duty on July 31, 2018.

After over 30 years as a judge, the “SCOTUS” claims he wants to spend more time with family in his old age.

The supreme court is a staple in the American democracy and justice systems. It is the highest federal court in the United States. The “SCOTUS” has appellate jurisdictionover all federal courts and state court cases involving issues of federal law plus original jurisdiction over a small range of cases.

While he Kennedy was a conservative, he often sided with liberals. This retirement has brought concern for the left as they worry President Trump will induce a judge who is slanted to the far right.

In a press conference Wednesday, Trump said the predictable “Hopefully we are going to pick somebody who will be as outstanding,”

Sounds reassuring right?

Earlier this week the Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban, which affects people from predominantly Muslim countries. A couple weeks ago the “SCOTUS” ruled in the favor of a baker in Colorado who refused to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding.

Liberals are up in arms as Trump searches for a new Supreme Court Justice. Massachusetts’ state senator expressed her concern on twitter saying, “Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement means that women’s health, equal marriage, and civil rights are all at risk. This is the fight of our lives.”


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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    I don’t know about this Brett Kavanaugh some of his views don’t sit well with me. And this will affect our kids for years to come!!!🤔

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