Terrorist attack in New Orleans leaves 3 dead, 7 injured

Coroners take away the three deceased victims of the shooting which took place Saturday July 28 outside a New Orleans strip mall

Two armed men terrorized a crowd outside a New Orleans strip mall Saturday.

The gunmen (aka TERRORISTS) walked up and opened fire. This incident left three people dead and seven others injured.

This strip mall is located 3 miles from the French Quarter.

According to police chief, Michael Harrison, the two suspects used a rifle and a handgun. This incident did not appear to be racially charged as they shot “indiscriminately” into the crowd.

The chief said,  “We believe that they actually stood over one of the individuals and fired multiple rounds and then after that fled,”

One of the 7 wounded individuals underwent surgery and is in critical condition. The other 6 wounded victims are out of the woods in various conditions.

At this time authorities do not know whether or not this incident was gang related. However, many Americans agree all mass shootings should be considered acts of terrorism no matter the motive.


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