“The clown who plays king” NY Daily News takes a dig at Donald Trump

How sad is life when your own hometown doesn’t support you? This is the reality President Donald Trump is facing as the New York Daily News made an editorial which took several blows at his illusion of grandeur.

The publication is heavily criticizing the Trump administration’s immigration policies in an editorial which they labeled him, “the clown who plays king.”

According to the editorial, “Trump devotes this nation’s potent energies to barricading the borders, to separation refuge-seeking mothers from children, to ordering parents to leave the country with or without their kids now that a court has ordered their reunion.” (NY Daily News)

The editorial described the president as a cruel for his decision to reject desperate immigrants and making it more difficult for people to legally immigrate to America.


  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    Don’t get me started on this fool!! He is all about himself!!! The ones that believe in him are trumpized!!! They track him at doing 4.9 lies per day and climbing need I say more!!! Even the people that voted for him know he is a liar and a idiot but they don’t care, now explain that one??

  2. steven 2 months ago

    He works for us. He is doing what we want.

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