The Lions, Tigers That Escaped From a German Zoo Have Been Recaptured – but the Bear Is Dead

The five big cats that came out of their cages in a zoo in western Germany were recaptured after a hunt.

Two lions, two tigers and one jaguar briefly escaped from their enclosures at the Eifel Zoo in Lünebach on Friday, but it was reported that they returned “in their cages” a few hours later, according to AFP. The animals were found by a drone at the zoo’s facilities.

A bear also escaped from his cage and was shot dead, a local police spokesman told AFP.

The animals were able to escape due to heavy flooding in the area due to the electrical storms that last night damaged their cages enough to let them out.

Local residents were warned to stay indoors after the animals were reported missing. The Eifel Zoo houses around 400 animals, including some 60 exotic and native animals.

It is not the first escape of the big cats of a German zoo. In 2016, two male lions were left without their enclosures at the Leipzig Zoo. While one was returned, the other was shot to death.

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