“THIS IS NOT A NAKED PROTEST!” South African women clear the air about false information pertaining to scheduled protest

Zulaikha Patel clears the air about false reports that she will lead a naked protest
South African womens rights activists and teen, Zhulaikha Patel (15-year-old student who was persecuted about her afro) and Boitumelo Thage ( 22 year-old psychology student UNISA) made a statement in response to false media headlines alleging that an upcoming protest would be a naked one.
Media outlets such as Destiny Magazine have falsely reported this teen will be prancing the streets naked Friday which simply isn’t the case.
This media mayhem is with reference the silent protest scheduled for Friday November 30th which will be led by Patel and  Thage.
In a release from Patel and Thage made Thursday, the women clarified:
“We would like to stress that this protest will not be a naked protest and it is not about us as individuals and furthermore has nothing to do with us being naked.
In the midst of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence to challenge the violence against women and children. We as a group of young South African women have come together joining the existing call with #HearMeTwo , #NotInMyName ,  #ThisIsNotConsent and other rallying calls to ensure that the victim are not in turn blamed for the crimes committed towards them.
The protest aims to demand justice for those who have been victimized, we also want to stress that we want a justice system that won’t fail us as women. A justice system that will protect us and defend us.
We are disappointed with the way media has dragged the name of Zulaikha Patel and also misrepresented our protest at large by calling it a naked protest; which it is not.
We want to stress that we should all be focused on fighting this cancer in society rather than shifting focus and basing it on individuals. The core focus of this protest is the call to stop  policing woman in anyway to the gaze of patriarchy.
Many thanks go out to civil rights movements such as Not in my name SA, Total shutdown for the emotional support and protection.
This seeks to clarify all media houses again that it is not a naked protest it is a silent protest”
Young women in South Africa
Protest details :
Date: 30 November 2018
Time: 8:00 – 12:00
Place: Magistrate court (Fraancis baard – Pretoria)
Dress code: Shorts , white t-shirts
The Citizen has since come out and confirmed Patel will not be walking the streets naked at all.

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