This is why Lil Xan is changing is rapper name.

Lil Xan admitted himself to rehab Sunday.

Rapper ‘Lil Xan’ (Diego Leanos, 22 years old), will be changing his rapper name.

The ‘Betrayed’ rapper was admitted into a drug rehabillitation program Sunday.

In an interview with TMZ, Diego says he used to struggle with opioids. Even though he used to be 10 times worse than he is now he says he wants to “get over that last little hump.”

Diego has made it clear, after he gets out of rehab, he does not want to glorify drugs and will therefore change his name from ‘Lil Xan’ to Diego.

The rapper was in a short relationship with Noah Cyrus. It started in February 2018 ended in September of 2018. Fans wondered why the cute couple parted ways. Some speculate it was due to his drug abuse.

Fans are rooting for Diego.






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