Tired of the cheating: Cardi B dumps trifling Migo offset!

Women, take notes from Cardi B!

When a guy is doing too much, it’s time to do three much and kick him to the curb. If he treats you like sh*t treat him like toilet paper… wipe ur @$$ with that guy and flush him. That’s how the game goes when your husband cheats. Don’t let  doormat housewives tell you differently. If a man thinks he can find someone better than you, chances are you can do WAYYYYYYY better as well.

Cardi B has stood by Offset through several cheating allegations, sextapes, and smear campaigns leading up to their marriage and all while she was pregnant. She even caught a court case behind the Migos member when she allegedly sent her goons to beat up strippers he was cheating with.

The newest rumor circulating is that Offset was working to arrange a threesome with Instagram hoodrats, CashDoll and some random rainbow-wig-wearing chick named Summer.

Last night was the night Cardi B decided she had enough. She announced on Instagram, her and offset will be getting a divorce.

Offset’s standards are so low, it turned Cardi B off. She now has to leave him in the gutters of Instagram, where he can spend his money on chicken-heads whose futures rely on Instagram-based prostitution.

YAY! We don’t want Cardi catching anymore cases behind a guy who cant keep his weeny in his pants.




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