Too litigious to quit! Cashing out on wrongful death, discrimination, and cancer!

  1. steven 6 months ago

    I used Roundup back in the 90’s when I worked with some landscapers. Maybe I can sue the landscapers and Bayer. If it’s proved that stuff makes you sick there’s gonna be millions of lawsuits. As for Tiger Woods, I think he’ll have to settle out of court for several million. That’s just what rich people have to do. The bars need to be somewhat responsible but it’s a business that’s been condoned forever. It’s like me going into Mcdonalds and hearing, “Steve! Four cheeseburgers! Four? And a large soda? No! we’ll sell you two burgers and a cup with ice water and forget about ordering fries!” “Okay, you’re right, I shouldn’t eat too much. Thanks for looking out for my diet.”

  2. maf156 6 months ago

    Just saw your too Letig to quit show. It was a hoot.

  3. Anonymous 4 months ago

    you can suck a mean penis ? your pussy lips are also pretty nice DIANE, nice shape too. You love white cocks don’t you? It’s hilarious how you try to deny the past decisions you’ve made.

  4. Anonymous 4 months ago

    id lick you all over, your beautiful neck, your smooth and sexy armpits, your nipples and your lips you whore. you’re actually really beautiful but you’re so fuckable. It’s erotic when you talk down to people as well, sexy whore.

  5. Anonymous 4 months ago

    Your armpits are so sexy. I want to lick them. Your pussy lips look so smooth and nice you fucking SLUT LMAO. Seriously, go back to porn.

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