Toronto Shooting: 14 shot, 2 dead

A Toronto man opened fire into surrounding restaurants and cafes as he walked down a street Sunday. He shot 14 people and two were pronounced dead.  The terror ended when the gunman got into a fatal shootout with police.

The shooter has not been publicly identified. Authorities are not ruling out the possibility of terrorism as a motive for this act.

As always in the new social media age, where there’s tragedy there’s a video being recorded. Rather than run for cover, one eyewitness filmed the incident which showed a man in all black speed walking down a sidewalk and eventually opening fire into a shop in Greektown.

This tragedy comes only three months after a Toronto man used a van to assail pedestrians. He killed 10 and injured 14 others.




  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    What is this world coming to, all the senseless killing for what😦

  2. Rob Smith 3 months ago

    Canada is now the target with all the free immigration policy. Good luck Canada. (sarcasm).

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