“Treasure from Dr. Phil was a HOAX!!!” Teen’s Sister comes forward and says this is all a sham

A teen by the name of Treasure had the internet in a rage last week when she went on Dr. Phil and said she’s white and she hates black people. The African-American sixteen-year-old was on the show with her mother insisting black people are disgusting, criminal, and hood rats, thugs, and she even had the audacity to use the n-word.

Treasure’s mother claimed Treasure thinks she is white because her stepfather, William Richards, is white and until he passed away she allowed her daughter to believe she is half-white. This made people wonder if the young girl’s bigoted ways are a product of her father.

Her sister, Nina Richards, came forward on an interview with Tasha K and said the Dr. Phil interview was all a fraud and that the mother and daughter are on Dr. Phil for attention and her father was DEFINITELY not a white supremacist. She says the  Treasure is not even in the custody of their mother. Treasure has been truant from school so much that Child Protective Services now have custody of her.

Nina also says her mother was a horrible mother who, although she was married, got impregnated outside her marriage to the white stepfather who raised the family before he died. The mother used to galavant around with several men. She was very mentally abusive to her children. At one point in the interview, Nina recalled a time where her mother was decked out in designer clothes while her children were starving. She even went so far to say she thinks the mother of six is bipolar. She has an evil side. “At this point it’s beyond mental illness. It’s spiritual”

Ironically, while little Treasure has gone on a national platform to talk about the delinquent ways of all black people, her sister claims she spends her days begging and roaming the streets in Detroit. She also runs scams selling dysfunctional products on a local website.

The sister says at this point Dr. Phil needs to stop giving these dysfunctional teens a platform and she hopes his show gets cancelled for exploiting these kids.

See the full interview below:

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