TRUTH behind the “Ye” 13th Amendment rant

Over the weekend African- Americans found themselves once again outraged by Kanye West’s rhetoric.

This time, the “New Slaves” rapper tweeted the 13th Amendment of the US constitution should be abolished. This comes after a pro-trump rant he made on Saturday Night LIve, while sporting a MAGA hat.

TMZ jumped on the opportunity to make Kanye West sound like the ultimate sellout by making a headline out of his tweet, banking on the fact that most politically illiterate people would be outraged. While the 13th Amendment is the reason slavery is illegal, most news outlets failed to mention that same article provides for legalization of enslavement of prison inmates.

Ultimately, Kanye West was speaking out against the violation of human rights against people who are locked up all around America. Although abolition of the amendment is not a good idea, revision is definitely necessary.

This is ultimately why he immediately came back with another tweet, which suggested the 13th Amendment needs to be amended!

  1. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    Yes Kanye just amend it!!!!!😔

  2. steven 2 months ago

    He had a second amendment rant and dropped a couple f-bombs in the oval office on Friday but nobody liked it but me.

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