Twitter gets super shady on “Indigenous People’s Day” aka Columbus Day in America

Monday is the American public holiday known as “Columbus Day” has been transformed into “Indigenous People’s Day.” While The country traditionally takes the day to commemorate Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Americas in 1492. The the Italian explorer who worked on the behalf of Spain, is highly celebrated by Latin-Americans and Italian- Americans alike.

However, NATIVE Americans find themselves highly irritated by these “Columbus Day” shenanigans.

In an era where the likes of Donald Trump have had the gumption to speak out against immigration many Americans have spoken up to remind people Columbus was, himself, nothing more than an illegal immigrant who “stole and pillaged” the land.

Here are some of the shadiest tweets on #indigenouspeoplesday2018.


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  1. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    I don’t blame them just read up on the history of this asshole. There’s should even be a holiday for this fool!!! And please tell me how do you discover a place when people already live there??? All a bunch of bull!!!!😡😡😡

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