Twitter suspends Alex Jones’ account for one week

Photo Cred: Social Daily News Alex Jones has been suspended From Twitter for a week

In a complete 180 turnaround from last week, when the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, came to Alex Jones’ defense, the “Info Wars” show host’s tweeting privileges were suspended Wednesday.

Jones’ account is in read-only mode at this time. He will not be able to tweet for one week.

What caused this? A Twitter spokesperson said the action was taken for tweets containing a video that was in violation of the company’s rules on abusive behaviour and inciting violence. Twitter instructed Jones to delete the tweets, which he has done.

According to the New York Times, Jones made a tweet which included a link to a video of him telling people to get their “battle rifles” ready against the media. This triggered several people since the actual shooting at the Capital Gazette happened. A fringe person literally has used guns on the media. Twitter did not find Jones’ statements a laughing matter.

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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    They should not find anything this guy does a laughing matter. With the climate T-Rump is stirring up it can make stuff explode easy now!!! What a world we live in these days!!!!😒

    • steven 3 months ago

      I know. It’s a crazy world with freedom of speech.

  2. Slohand 3 months ago

    Yeah, but if he can’t tweet, he can’t put his foot in his beak.

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