Vape pen giants have 60 days to prove their business is child-proof

Vape Pen companies, Juul, MarkTen, Vuse, Blu, and Logic, have been given 60 days to prove they can be 100% sure their devices are not being used by children. The FDA made a statement Wednesday warning if the startup did not abide their items may be removed from the market.

Juul, has faced several lawsuits recently. Among those is a nationwide class action lawsuit. The complainants say that they are targeting children in an effort to sell addictive products to teens.

A spokesperson from Juul said that the company plans to “work proactively with FDA” and is “committed to preventing underage use of our product.”

While vape pens are a popular new way to get a nicotine fix without the health risks of cigarettes, there are still a lot of unknowns about long-term health effects. Some people rely on the vape pens to help them stop smoking cigarettes altogether. Be that as it may many parents and health officials have become concerned that the vape pen companies are targeting minors. Most minors have never smoked cigarettes, but they use the vape pens with nicotine concentrate liquid and become addicted to using them.

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  1. Patrick Hinnant 2 months ago

    The current precautions taken are as far as they can get to making vapes child-proof. Online shops are the true culprit in this situation.

  2. steven 2 months ago

    They have to get children addicted at a young age. Less than 5% of smokers started after age 20. Almost everyone starts as young teens.

  3. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    Just a matter of time of the true effect this product will have on your health for adults or kids, just wait!!!

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