Waffle House gunpoint robbery in Charlotte

Early Tuesday morning a Waffle House in Charlotte, NC was invaded by a bandit.

According to the police the franchise located at Banner Elk Drive near Sunset Road became a target for a cash grab.

Two employees were victimized. They claim a man bombarded into the restaurant at 4:11 am, pushed them to the ground, held them at gunpoint then robbed the cash register.

No one has been arrested in connection with this case.

This incident comes only months after a mass shooting took place in Antioch, Tn. Four people were killed in that tragedy.

Sunday morning at 2:30 am a shooting at a Waffle House in Jonesboro, AR left one person injured. The police had been called to that particular location 22 times in the past year.

Needless to say, Waffle Houses around the United States has become the target of violent and opportunistic crime.

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  1. steven 4 months ago

    Is that where you get your “new tellewaffles”?

  2. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    I hate all this stuff happening at waffle house. Outs one of my favorite spots at the different places I travel to. A few years ago one of the ones I go to in Columbus Ohio had a cop there and I was wondering don’t this guy have to go to work why he hanging here? After a closer look I saw that he was the security guard there😳 WH may have to do at will locations. This is a crazy world we live in now, can’t even enjoy a meal without being messed with and I love to eat 🍲 🍴

  3. Slohand 4 months ago

    I like when they rinse the dishes and it sprays everyone eating at the front counter. Sit there and see for yourself.

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