Wait there’s more! Mayor of Johannesburg blames undocumented immigrants for the #sasol crime spree!

The mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba took to Twitter Monday night to apologize to the community about the dreadful crime spree which shook people after the Global Citizen Festival.

After an unsatisfactory statement from the South African Police spokesman, Mashaba wanted to set the record straight and console victims.


However, he probably should have left his message at the apology. The tweet had people a little ticked off when he blamed undocumented immigrants for the crime and destruction which plagued the Sasol gas station parking lot early Monday morning after the Global Citizen Festival.

South Africa wasted no time responding.

Foreigners residing in South Africa got Xenophobic and Trump-ish vibes from Mashaba. Understandably so. Words don’t always translate well on Twitter. While the mayor may be exactly right in what he’s saying he hasn’t addressed the inactivity of SAPS.

How does Mashaba expect this undocumented immigrant problem to get under control if he can’t even rely on law enforcement to do their jobs? Who will enforce the law?

While they were posted with good intent, Mashaba’s tweets have left Johannesburg back in square one as it pertains to holding the negligent police officers accountable.


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