“Where da parents at!?” Rapper catches his son in bed with two other guys and a girl and goes OFF!

Rapper, Lil Webbie caught his son in bed with two guys and another girl over the weekend.

His reaction was pretty calm for a parent who just caught his child sexually deviating with multiple partners. Webbie took to the Instagram live to expose the children in front of the world.

The rapper made all the children go downstairs to the kitchen and call their parents so they could not “run home and make up a fabrication of what may have happened.”

In the midst of the ongoing #METOO movement, it is clear the “INDEPENDENT” rapper had no choice but to  make the teens call their parents, and expose them on social media. This day in age, when it’s any guy/ girl’s word against a famous guy, he was put in a vulnerable situation where he had to publicly denounce their behavior and protect himself against all possible future confusion or manipulation.

While some people may take issue with a parent exposing the teens, who were up to no good, most people believe Lil Webbie did what was best in that moment. Many people are being convicted for sexual misconduct off the power of public opinion. Instead of wait for the possibility that any of these children would go home and misconstrue the truth, he held them accountable on site.

Webbie can be heard in the video scolding the children and asking “Where da parents at!?” as he forces the children to call their legal guardians to come pick them up from his home.

A couple months ago Chris Brown was legally held responsible for the sexual assault accusations of a young lady who was hanging out at his home. Although he was not accused of being involved in the sex act it took place on his property. The young lady did not hesitate to legally pursue Chris Brown despite his innocence.

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  1. Steven 2 months ago

    Lil Webbie was jealous he wasn’t invited to the orgy, but they already had three dudes. But hey, where the Mom at?

  2. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    This was crazy a great way to put them on blast!!!! Where the parents at!!!!!😂

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