Why 高輪ゲートウェイ is trending on Twitter!

If you’ve checked the worldwide trends list on Twitter Tuesday morning then you probably came across this trend written in Japanese:



So what exactly does this even mean? The exact translation for this set of characters means “Takanawa Gateway,” the name for the newest stop on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line.

On Tuesday, railway operator JR East (Japan Railway Co.)  revealed its plan to open the new station in 2020. The transit corporation has based the name of the station on ideas submitted by the public.

The design was done by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, who happened to design the national stadium for the 2020 Olympic games.

In fact, this news comes only a year and some change before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic games of 2020. The station will open in Spring of 2020 to accommodate the sporting event. Full operations will begin in 2024.

Located close to Tokyo’s Haneda airport, the stop will be the 30th station on one of the busiest commuter lines in the metropolitan area.


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