Why Trump’s N-Word tape won’t cost him a thing

Over the weekend Omarosa Manigault Newman claims she has heard a recording of Donald Trump saying the N-word whilst filming his CNBC show, “The Apprentice.” Manigault was first projected into fame during her run on the reality show. She also had a short-lived career as a top White House aide.

Now, after a bitter break-up with the Trump administration, she released a tell-all book called “Unhinged.” In her book, she claims Donald Trump’s mental health is declining. She also claims Trump is a misogynist, bigot, and a racist as she refers to his use of the N Word.

Trump has denied all the allegations in Manigault’s book and called her a “low-life.”

Deep down inside, black or white, Republican or Democrat, all Americans are secretly dying to hear that tape! Blacks want to upgrade Trump’s status from suspected racist to RACIST. White supremacists want to hear it so they can get the courage to start using the word again. Democrats want to hear it so they can capitalize on the vulnerabilities of minority groups. Die hard Republicans want to hear it because, well, all things Trump are right.

If a tape with the commander-in-chief saying racial slurs was to surface would it stop him from being president? It’s highly unlikely. If calling Mexicans “rapists”, advocating for the death of the wrongly-convicted central park 5, discriminatory practices within his real estate company in the 80’s, calling places like Haiti and Africa “shithole countries”, questioning former president Barack Obama’s Americanism, or referring to white supremacists as “very fine people” wasn’t enough to keep him out of the oval office nothing is.

Trump’s use of the N word is just another notch on his belt of bigotry and racism. His divisive rhetoric is what appealed to most of his voters. America didn’t vote for Trump. They voted for “the wall,” they voted for the Muslim ban, they voted for repealing everything president Obama set forward, they voted for “grabbing women by the p*ssy”, they voted for “stop and frisk” and all things which would set American civilization back by 100 years. Voters opted to make America great bigoted again.

The truth is, if a tape of Trump saying the N-word was released today his approval ratings would only go up from here. CNN would have something to talk about for the next couple of weeks, people would have a hashtag to tweet about, people would protest outside the white house, black conservatives would act like it never happened, and the “black leaders” and “civil rights” leaders would suddenly see a nice pay-day to speak on the issue. However, nothing would get solved. It’s unlikely the President would be impeached or resign. It’s unlikely he would even apologize. Trump would more thank likely get on twitter and finger-point at the media outlet who releases the tapes.

As if bigots haven’t already been emboldened enough by the presidency of Donald Trump, an N-word sound byte would set a new boundary for how far bigots in America think they could take things.

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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    Omarosa Omarosa you got bit. During the presidential race you said we would have to bow down to T-Rump when he becomes president. Sorry not me, guess he wanted you to bow. T-Rump said he was a racist multiple times he said he is the least racist person you know!! Need I say more!!!!

  2. Antigravity 3 months ago

    I’d still vote for him in 2020 if he isnt impeached before then.

  3. Rob Smith 3 months ago

    I wd also vote for him. even though I didint vote last election. He says whats on his mind unlike fake politicians. So hes blunt. at least, he’s honest

  4. Aaron Collins 3 months ago

    If Trump said that it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to people. All he’s really doing is showing us more of who he is.

  5. Slohand 3 months ago

    You seriously think Americans voted for “grabbing women by the P*&^y”?

    • steven 3 months ago

      Where is Trumps left hand in that picture?

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