Witness says she saw Charlamagne atop his accuser “with pants down”

  1. Patrick Hinnant 3 months ago

    Skepticism was my initial feeling when this information released publicly. Star definitely has a personal vendetta against Charlemagne due to earlier events. That is what caused my skepticism, but as new details emerge I’m beginning to believe the information. This story is quite disturbing.

  2. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    Seems like he has had other situations with half conscious women. If he raped her I hope he pays the full price. This can’t be tolerated!!!!

  3. Andrew Finch 3 months ago

    Well he put himself in a situation for him to be guilty when he continues change stories and got Tasha K IG page shut down just for her speaking her opinion.

  4. Slohand 3 months ago

    If he took a plea back then the case is over. Why are they bringing it up again?

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